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Here is a list of resources gathered by Messiah House for your viewing.

Weekly Parashah Readings

Complete Hebrew Bible

The Tanach is taken from the traditional masoretic text of the Leningrad Codex, and the New Covenant is the revised 1901 edition of the 1877 translation.

PDFs to Download:

Bibles to Purchase:

Complete Messianic Siddur

The Siddur BO YESHUA is the first complete Messianic siddur, without any rabbinical regulation or commentary. It is based upon the Siddur Edot Hamizrach, the prayer service of the Middle Eastern Sephardic groups, and it is designed to be used as an entire service, or it can be used in sections, according to the needs of the individual congregation. This Third Edition also contains the Haggadah and selections for Shavuot and Sukkoth, the three required ancient pilgrimages to Jerusalem, as well as a full listing of the yearly Parashah readings. It is in Hebrew and English.

The Key to Releasing God’s Power in Your Life (By Derek Prince)

Fasting is an important key to successful Christian living. It is found throughout the Bible, yet it has been largely set aside by the church. Discover how to release the power of prayer and fasting in your life with this handbook by Derek Prince. In his clear, easily understood teaching style, he explains that this power is immeasurable when fasting is practiced with right motives and in accordance with the principles of Scripture.

Remember the Sabbath: What the New Testament Says About Sabbath Observance for Christians

Should Christians keep the Sabbath? Many today believe that we should. However, it is often said that the Sabbath was repealed or changed in the New Testament. What does the New Testament actually say about Sabbath observance for Christians? David Wilber takes readers back to the Scriptures to discover the answer to this question. In this book, you will learn what the New Testament says about this sacred day of rest and why it matters to Christians.

Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar

Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar by Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. Van Pelt is the standard textbook for colleges and seminaries. Since its initial publication in 2001 its integrated approach has helped more than 80,000 students learn Biblical Hebrew.

Yom Teruah (It’s Not Called Rosh Hashanah)

Messiah House and Politics

The Name of Jesus (Messiah House Official Response)

The Trinity (Messiah House Official Response)

The Commandments & Judaism

Haggadah for Passover

The True History Of Hanukah (Messiah House Official Response)

The Star of David (Messiah House Official Response)

Declaration Against Paganism And Idolatry (Messiah House Official Response)

The Hidden Name Of God Revealed (Messiah House Official Response)

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